Cybersecurity Services for SAP


Unplanned outages, alterations or destruction of data, and public safety are costly risks in an SAP landscape. Resist these cyber threats with hardened systems, resilient technology and disciplined processes from Monocle. Our Cybersecurity portfolio helps you adopt practices and standards to oppose these cyber threats today and tomorrow.

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Cybersecurity Consulting Services for SAP


Vulnerability Assessment

Find the vulnerabilities in your SAP systems before the cyber threats do. Assessment includes:


  • Automated vulnerability scan
    • Technical vulnerability
    • Code vulnerability
  • System review against best practice baseline
  • Review of processes and procedures
  • Penetration test

Remediation Planning

Strategic solutions for resilient SAP systems, policies and processes. Planning includes:


  • Assess appropriate remediation optionsenterprise-hardening_cybersecurity_by-Monocle_for-SAP
    • Technical solutions
    • People and processes
  • Prioritize and schedule
    • Short term, critical remediation
    • Medium term hardening
    • Long term transformation

Enterprise Hardening

Cybersecurity solutions implemented by the SAP experts.


  • Technical hardening with SAP best practices
  • Apply security patches
  • NetWeaver Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Cloud hosting and Disaster Recovery
  • Change Management, Incident Response


Cybersecurity Managed Services for SAP


Continuous Vulnerability AssessmentMonocle-Systems_Cybersecurity-Managed-Services_for-SAP_

Stay vigilant with a continuously updated SAP vulnerability database.


  • Automated, period vulnerability scans
  • Updates with latest vulnerability database
  • Assessment and remediation plan

Continuous Baseline Compliance

Start compliant, stay compliant with SAP security best practices.


  • Automated comparison against security baseline
  • Assessment and remediation plan

Continuous Security Notes

Relax on Patch Tuesday.  We’ll take care of that.


  •  Monthly assessment of new Security Notes against your landscape
  • Implementation of applicable Security Notes by our operations team



Why Monocle

With more than 20 years in the SAP Hosting industry, Monocle has led the way in defending against cyber threats to SAP systems. Our teams of experienced Cybersecurity professionals ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our Clients’ SAP landscapes with a layered approach to Cybersecurity, protecting against real threats by developing detailed risk mitigation action plans. Don’t let your mission-critical enterprise applications fall victim to malicious hackers; go on the offensive by contacting Monocle to assess your vulnerability and identify a Cybersecurity operations plan.

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