Global Monitoring for SAP Applications


World Wide Eyes™HOSTED

Monitor your critical web portals from around the world with World Wide Eyes™ by Monocle Systems. This service combines SAP End User Experience Monitoring with agents deployed from coast to coast — or across the globe — to ensure your Internet-facing SAP portals are always accessible to your customers, business partners, and users.


  • Be aware of outages affecting your Internet-facing portals
  • Compare performance for Internet users from locations around the globe
  • Expand your Solution Manager End User Experience Monitoring beyond your network


About End User Experience Monitoring


SAP Solution Manager’s End User Experience Monitoring simulates user activity to show you how your system is performing in the real world. This powerful, scriptable, and configurable tool for monitoring SAP applications ensures that your monitoring team sees what your users are seeing.


Monocle Systems offers fixed-price implementation of End User Experience Monitoring from a team of Solution Manager experts. This full-service implementation includes Solution Manager remediation, agent deployment, scripting, security, and end-user training from seasoned professionals who specialize in SAP’s advanced monitoring technologies.


About World Wide Eyes™


World Wide Eyes™ deploys diagnostic agents to simulate real Internet users in California, Virginia, Oregon, Ireland, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, and Sao Paulo.


These sites can be supplemented with remote locations within your own corporate network for comprehensive monitoring from inside and outside your environment. The results are reported to End User Experience Monitoring in your own Solution Manager, giving you a central point of visibility and reporting. Internet and intranet portals are your critical touchpoint with your customers, business partners, and employees. Now you can see how your portal is performing for users everywhere.


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