Support for SAP Partners


Monocle Systems offers cloud hosting and managed services to SAP partners understanding the support needs for demo ERP systems, training systems, IDES and proof-of-concept (PoC) systems, and Solution Manager systems for SAP solutions. Each offering includes special pricing for SAP Partners and is specifically tailored for VAR scenarios.

Infinite Focus™HOSTED

Monocle Systems Infinite Focus™ is a dedicated, fully hosted SAP Solution Manager (SolMan) for your SAP partner scenarios. With an SAP certified, fully virtualized environment, Monocle Systems can radically accelerate your implementation and adoption of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 while cutting costs with a predictable, fixed monthly fee. This software-as-a-service cloud approach to SAP Solution Manager bundles top-to-bottom support of all layers from the SolMan application for a low monthly fee. It is the unlimited power of a fully-supported SAP Solution Manager at your fingertips right now, without the staffing and infrastructure constraints of running an on-premise system.

Custom Focus™

Enjoy the power of your SAP Solution Manager and leave the maintenance to us. Custom Focus™ provides continuous support for your on-premise Solution Manager so it’s always ready when you need it and it does exactly what you need it to. Custom Focus is designed to:


  • Meet SAP audit requirements for PCOE scenarios
  • Refocus your team on your core business
  • Save on manpower expenses
  • Control variable costs with flat-fee pricing


Custom Focus is tailored for your unique requirements and budget. Get on-demand support today from our team of ALM experts for a low monthly fee.


Managed services include:

  • Provisioning of satellite systems
  • ALM application health with daily/weekly/monthly checks
  • Proactive patching of systems, agents, and plug-ins
  • 24/7 break/fix and incident resolution
  • Training, documentation, and ALM expertise on demand
  • Run SAP Certified Solution Manager Consultants

PCOE Preparation Service

Monocle Systems supports your PCOE certification process by preparing your Solution Manager to meet the requirements in SAP’s PCOE checklists. This flat-fee consulting service addresses the functionality your PCOE certification requires such as:


  • Root Cause Analysis
  • EarlyWatch Alerts
  • Maintenance Optimizer
  • Technical Monitoring
  • Business Process Monitoring
  • Remote Supportability components such as SAPRouter configuration and NetViewer


This service can be coupled with Infinite Focus to provide a turn-key hosted solution, or Custom Focus for worry-free support for your own Solution Manager.

Seamless Systems™ for Partners

Monocle Systems can host your demo, PoC, and sandbox systems with the agility and flexibility you require as an SAP partner. Unique capabilities include:


  • Terms from 1 day to 36 months
  • All SAP products supported, from NetWeaver to HANA to BusinessObjects
  • System isolation for partner privacy and data protection
  • Rapid system build and tear-down
  • Secure VPN-based system access
  • “Gold” system snapshot
  • SLAs for system availability


S/4HANA for SAP Partners

Monocle Systems can get you access to S/4HANA, SAP’s next-generation business suite, in minutes and at a price point you never realized was possible. Using its trademarked SAP hosting methodology, Seamless Systems, it provides all you need to begin developing your solution on HANA today. No more worrying about hosting, Basis, disaster recovery, or networking concerns; we have that covered already. Our on-demand S/4HANA solution includes:


  • World-class hosting infrastructure
  • Demo21 S/4HANA installation
  • Flexible terms – daily, monthly, yearly options
  • Secure access options, such as site-to-site and client VPN
  • Basis support
  • Backup/restore
  • Connection to Monocle’s fully certified Solution Manager for ongoing support
  • Hosting of additional SAP components in the same environment, i.e., SAPRouter, BOBJ, and SAP BW
  • Environment can be extended for demo, development, QA, and production workloads


Contact us to get your Demo21 S/4HANA environment today.