Service Productivity Platform

SPP – THE INTEGRATION PLATFORM FOR ServiceNow and other ITSM Platforms


Today, many service providers are working in service delivery, with many different systems. Seamless integration of service processes is a major challenge because of restrictions posed by legacy systems. The Service Productivity Platform (SPP) is the answer, as it is intended to be a central hub for service process integration. It is focused on major ITIL (V3) service processes, without limitation.


Say you are using the Incident or Change Management within your SAP® Solution Manager, but you also have a central enterprise solution such as ServiceNow to create your incident tickets. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to integrate both seamlessly? That’s where SPP comes in.


SPP is not a limited solution. Instead, it offers integration between a myriad of popular platforms in today’s ITSM marketplace. It integrates endless corporate solutions, including SAP® Solution Manager, HP Service Manager, ServiceNow and BMC Remedy.



  • SAP® Certified Integration with SAP® Netweaver
  • Integration of existing and new ITSM tools, middleware applications and legacy systems
  • Central web-based user interface to administer platform configuration and develop integration solutions
  • Real time transaction monitoring including pre-built extensible reporting templatesSAP-Certification_ARSXLink
  • Comes with extensive audit and logging functionality in order to support/ensure corporate policies
  • Data processing by creating, refining and applying internal business logic
  • Message routing based on configurable message properties while applying operations such as message or data filtering, aggregation, splitting and chaining
  • Includes over 100 base adapters in order to connect different technologies such as web-services,  database access or file exchange and pre-built custom built
  • Out-of-the-box, SPP integrates with the following ticketing systems:
    • BMC Remedy
    • ServiceNow
    • HP ServiceManager
    • Jira
    • SAP Solution Manager


Enable your business – In order to maintain flexibility while keeping costs to a minimum, successful IT departments need the ability to quickly combine people, tools and processes. In particular, this means taking separate back-end systems and combining them into new services, e.g. extend your incident management to interconnect non-SAP and SAP based backend systems with SPP.



Seamless Integration – A good interface is the key to increasing service quality and minimizing costs. SPP delivers a stable, vendor independent runtime that can be used as a single point of integration which supports the customers governance and compliance requirements.


State of the Art Technology – Using proven open source software in an enterprise ready environment allows you to easily develop, run and maintain integration solutions. SPP opens the doors to IT processes and your partners, leveraging the strength of existing processes, tools and technologies by easily interconnecting the desired partner systems.


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